Monday, February 24, 2014

Fallen Heroes

From someone's Facebook post:
I've watched this memorial tribute video several times already today but decided to watch it again as I try to wind down for sleep. I find the music so beautiful. And here I am watching for the fourth time and all of a sudden I see something. I quickly stop and go back, pausing the video.

There in the midst of the memorial to the fallen heroes of Maidan is a copy of the Gospel of John that the Prayer Tent ministry has passed out for the past three months, day after day, witnessing in the freezing cold - despite the threat of beatings, arrest, and most recently death.

I look at the worn cover and see the spine is broken. This is not a brand new Gospel passed out earlier today. This was read and kept and used. 

I can't help but think back over the past three months and the stories we've heard of God using the Christians on Maidan to share the Word and about the hope and freedom that is found in Jesus.

I think back to all the pictures of people stopping by the Prayer Tent to chat and drink hot tea and take a New Testament or Gospel of John. I think back to their faces. Where are they now? Was this their copy? Did they survive the bloody week that has just passed? Did they give their life over to Christ? 

I am not sure we will ever know in this lifetime, but I do believe that one day in Heaven we will meet many who came to Jesus because of the believers on Maidan. These are heroes who were willing to give up everything to be Jesus to their countrymen and to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the struggle against tyranny, oppression, and injustice. The nation will forever be in debt to them. The Church in Ukraine even more so.

They are truly heroes of the faith. So with that I say, "Glory to Ukraine!" "Glory to the heroes!"


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